Saturday, 10 February 2018

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True love comes from  above
Gentle and gracious as dove
Pure as water fresh from the spring
Its sweetness makes the heart sing.

True love, True love 
Flowing into hearts springs joy
Bringing pleasures for one to enjoy
Pleasures that peace employs.

True love burns with holy fire
True love is the heart's desire
Beautiful as rose, costly as gold 
Bringing us bliss and wealth untold.

True love brings us delight
True love shines beautifully bright
True love may we find in every home
True love will calm every storm.

True love so tender and kind
True love calms and soothes the mind
True love may we begin to see 
True love will satisfy you and me.

True love knits two hearts together
Keeping them as one forever
Bringing bliss and beauty in marriage
An excellent virtue in every age.

Copyright  2018  by  Benjamin  Anabaraonye

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