Thursday, 6 October 2016


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Surely goodness and mercy
Shall follow me all my days;
I shall dwell in the house
Of the LORD God always.

Glory to You, O God,
For Your goodness and grace;
How sweet it is
Your love to embrace.

I come on bended knee,
I bow before Your throne;
Take all I have, all I am,
Lord, my life You own.

Tell me what You desire,
Lord, this I shall do;
My will, my longing,
Is to always please You.

I am but a vessel,
You are my eternal King;
I hold nothing back, Lord,
I give You everything.

With Your Holy Spirit
My heart, Lord, do fill;
I empty myself for You
That I may do Your will.

Wherever You lead,
It matters not to me;
All that matters
Is that Your face I see.

And surely goodness and mercy
Shall follow me all my days;
I shall dwell in Your house,
Lord, for I am Yours always.

©Caroline Gavin

Image result for goodness and mercy
Used with permission.
Special thanks to Caroline Gavin.
Caroline Gavin is a Christian Business Coach,Speaker,Author and Poet based in the United States of America.For more inspirational poetry by Caroline Gavin visit her inspirational

Saturday, 1 October 2016


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A land of unlimited opportunities
Blessed with rare skills and talents
A people industrious and diligent
.......Our nation, Our pride.

A land of unbelievable riches

Garnishing the earth with surplus food
Blessed by God so graciously good
With trees and tusks, fruits and fishes.

A land of untrammeled tribes

Varied in culture, each rich in their heritage
United by one anthem and pledge
May peace, faith, and love be imbibed.

A land of unity and freedom

Undaunted by the uprisings of saboteurs
Still, like the eagle, she swiftly soars
Still, she shines like a beacon.

A land of unequivocal patriots

Comprising of unflagging warriors and heroes
To these great ones my tribute goes
East, west, north, and south

A land of unprecedented human resources
Rich in crude oil, salts, and flowing fountains
Embellished by rocks, rivers, and mountains
The abundance of energy and mineral resources.

A land of ubiquitous greenness

Freshness, fruitfulness, and fertility
Nigeria-our beloved country
Our nation, Our pride.

 ©2016 By Benjamin Anabaraonye