Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Someday,someone will be reading your legacy.What will it say?
Never forget that you are writing your own eulogy with every passing day.
Today,as you read these words.
Tonight,as you interact with your family.
Tomorrow,as you move through your waking hours.

Your words,your choices,your schedule,your friends all help to define your life.So take this time to think....

What will you be remembered for when you're gone?

A question that stirs my heart....I'm always inspired reading about the great heroes of faith.If they were able to overcome their challenges,then we also can and even more....As the coming of the Lord draws nearer.

Sharing God's love and letting others know about Jesus Christ is one of the greatest things we can do with our lives here on earth.

So lets  choose to leave a legacy of love...