Thursday, 8 September 2016


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Let bees and birds sing
Love songs to gladly bring
To God our Father and King
Sing, sing His praises

Sun, moon and stars of sky
Our gracious King glorify
Creator the Lord Most High
His wonders amaze

Blessing our land with showers
Blooming our meadows and bowers
Blossoming with fair flowers
As His power blazes

Swing, swirl flowers of field
Sweet fragrance and fruits yield
To His praise, Our Sun and Shield
Glorify the God of grace

Trees and mountains humbly bow
Freely worship in reverence and awe
Allegiance to Him kneel and vow
Beholding His fiery face

Honor Him people everywhere
He gives food and clothes to wear
Sheltering, comforting us in His care
Praise Him people of all race

Let all of the creation sing
Join in the chorus O celestial beings
He rides on angels' wings
Sing, sing His praises!

Image result for sing a new song unto the lord 
© Benjamin Anabaraonye

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