Friday, 5 March 2021



                          DIVINE MERCY


Divine mercy
From Your heart flows;
The flame of love
Eternally glows.

There in Your heart
Is love divine,
Love ever flowing
From Your heart to mine.

Jesus, You are merciful,
Rich with grace;
Eternal light shines
In Your radiant Face.

Close to Your heart,
Lord, my soul do keep;
Therein I find treasures,
Joy rich and deep.

Not by my own doing
But by Your vast mercy,
The courts of Heaven
I will surely see.

So today and always
Of Your mercy I sing;
Goodness and grace
My Savior does bring.

I embrace Your mercy,
I behold Your sorrow;
I love You, Jesus,
Today and every tomorrow.

For there on the Cross
Your love for me shows:
Divine Mercy forever
From Your heart flows.


©Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Titus 3:5
He saved us, not because of works
done by us in righteousness,
but according to his own mercy,
by the washing of regeneration
and renewal of the Holy Spirit,

This poem is used on this blog with due permission from the Author.Caroline Gavin is a Christian Mum and Poet based in the United States Of America. Keep being inspired.


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Wednesday, 10 February 2021


Angels are real
Their presence we can feel
They are messengers of power 
Coming to us in life's darkest hour.

Angels are real
They love and they can heal
In times of pain, when we yelp
They are there to offer us help.

Angels are real
They always do God's will
They perform His Word
They fight for the Lord.

So be peaceful and still
And let this truth your heart thrill
As God's Child you can command
And they'll be implored to wicked army disband!
The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and he delivers them.        Psalm 34:7(NIV)

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Friday, 4 December 2020


SHILOH is here again....A mountain of transfiguration and divine visitation. Pray, Plan, Prepare to be there!!!

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Monday, 12 October 2020


Thanks be to our good and gracious God for the success of our book launch 2020 event."Fountain of grace"book written by Benjamin Anabaraonye is an award-winning book which has received recommendation from the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council(NERDC) for general reading in schools and libraries nationwide.
It was such a great honor to have our dear Pastor Hambolu Oladapo(Resident Pastor, Living Faith Church, Awka) who attended the event and was indeed a great blessing to us.
A big thank you to Dr. Nkechi Udeze(Director, Anambra State Library Services) for being a great support to Benjy Poetry And Music Global Concepts and attended the event with her team.

Testimonial 1: Benjamin Anabaraonye's book" Fountain of Grace" is such a remarkable work of poetry compiled in simple and understandable language.It can easily be appreciated and is useful to all and sundry.I recommend it as a gift to your loved ones.
Barr. James Hope

Beautifully crafted verses.Good rhyme and rhythm,As I read through them,I was reminded of the psalms of David.These might as well be called the psalms of Benjamin.
Dr. Chidiogo Radiant

Many thanks to Prof. Harold Godwin, Somtoo Praise Okoye, Mr. Obinna Jassy Nwakpadolu, Mr. Samuel Nwagbo and a host of others who contributed to the success of the event.God bless you richly!

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Thursday, 1 October 2020



                         Thoughts of the Nigeria I love
Now my ink and pen moves
This destined and blessed nation
Fills now my contemplation.

A land of unlimited opportunities
Blessed with rare skills and talents
A people industrious and diligent
Nigeria- The Giant of Africa!

Nigeria glows and gleams with green
Fruitful and in no way barren
A land of peace and unity
Her citizens assured of security.

A land of unbelievable riches
Garnishing the earth with surplus food
Blessed by God so graciously good
With trees and tusks,youths and fruits.

East, west, north and south
Her diverse tribes spread about
Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba
Dominating as pillars.

A land of untrammeled tribes
Varied in culture,each rich in their heritage
United by one anthem and pledge
May peace,faith and love be imbibed.

A land of unity and freedom
Undaunted by the uprisings of saboteurs
Still like the eagle she swiftly soars
Still she shines like a beacon.

A great and vast country
Blessed with beauty and bounty
Embellished by mountains and rivers
Rocks, minerals and oils of the Niger delta.

A land of unprecedented human resources
Rich in crude oil,salts, and flowing fountains
Embellished by rocks,rivers, and mountains
The abundance of energy and mineral resources.

A land of ubiquitous greenness
Freshness,fruitfulness, and fertility
Nigeria,our beloved country
Nigeria-The giant of Africa!

Smiled upon by nature’s face
With brains and rare skills graced
Rich in her cultural heritage
Works of art, theater and stage.

That’s the country I love
Crowned with dew from above
So I tell with  sheer delight
I tell of our beloved Nigeria!

© 2020 by Benjamin Anabaraonye


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Tuesday, 15 September 2020




 Image may contain: Benjamin Anabaraonye, text that says 'BOOK LAUNCH THE BENJY POETRY & MUSIC GLOBAL CONCEPTS Invites Yon Music Globel reaa To The OFFICIAL LAUNCHING OF HER RECOMMENDED AWARD WINNING BOOK "Fountain of Grace CHELEKU HOTELS, AWKA Special Guest Hencur: Pst. Hambolu Oladapo (Resident Pastor Living Faith Church,Awka,Anambra State) 15th Sept, 2020 Time: 1:00PM HOST: Amb. Benjamin Anabaraonye CEO, Benjy Poetry Music Global Concepts FEATURING Testimonies, Poetry, Recitations Musical Perfomance God's Word RSVP:0815514097, 09067495202'






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Saturday, 8 August 2020




You are specially invited to participate in our International Youth Day 2020 event on the 12th of August.This educational and networking event shall feature seminars, health talks, musical interlude and inspiring poetry recitations.There shall also be refreshments and award of certificates to outstanding participants!

Our Keynote Speaker is Hon.Nonso Smart Okafor(Member, Anambra State House of Assembly & Mandela Washington Fellow).Other speakers include Dr. Chioma Ajator, Pst. Marcel Nnaemeka, Mr. Obinna Nwadakpolu, Amb. Ohahu Obed Ifeanyi and a host of other discussants.

Theme: Youth Engagement For Global Action
Time: 11am to 3pm, VENUE: Auditorium, Prof. Kenneth Dike State Central e-Library,Awka.

Attendance is free.
NB: COVID-19 protocols shall be observed.
For sponsorship, inquiries or registration, contact the organizers: 08115514097, 08032828502.




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